A new storm with an old spirit flows out of the Kootenay Mountains. Based out of Nelson BC, and fresh off the press with their debut album "Long time babe" , a storm is surely brewing. Roused to action through past musical endeavours, Cold Mtn Air hones in on a fresh new sound and vision with their first release . Centered around rich layers of vocals, the band mates don't shy away or fixate on one specific genre; but rather they delve deep into an array of soundscapes, inciting a mix of soul shaking grooves and harmonious melodies.  Listening track by track you can find yourself tranced in a deep reggae inspired groove or stomping your feet to one of their country folk ditties. Look for these guys this winter when they embark on the first part of their album tour through BC and Alberta

Guitar, Ukulele, Vocals / Craig Beauchamp
Guitar / Jordan Bonin
Bass, Vocals / Shane Alaric
Drums, Vocals / Patrick Bonin